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Nestled among the evergreens at 4230 Salem Road between the 7th and 8th Concessions of Pickering is the home of the Mount Zion Community Centre. It is a gem meant to be used by and for the community as a valued local resource.

Built in 1875 it was the red brick school house, S.S. 13, teaching the youth of the area until its closure in 1965. At that time the community rallied to repurpose the building as a community centre and a board of directors was formed to manage it. Through the kind donation of Arthur Latcham the building was purchased for the community as long as it is purposeful.

Through the years it has been nurtured to protect the original hardwood floor, large windows, globed lighting and the charm of the covered blackboards. As well as being wheelchair accessible, it is furbished with a kitchen, washrooms, cozy heating and arrangeable tables and chairs as needed. The building will accommodate up to 100 people.

It rents out for private functions at $120/day or if a special permit is being obtained the cost is $220/day.

The City of Pickering helps to maintain the building and parking lot but the use and care of the centre is managed locally.

For more information, please contact the Board of Directors:

Murray Jones (905) 649-5200

Fuzz and Ruth Taylor

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